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Our mission is to create a safe space to network, uplift, support, and amplify Black contributions to anatomical science.


We envision an empowered, educated, and diverse community where Black bodies and minds are respected and valued by all who use anatomy.

  • How can I get involved?
    There are many ways to get involved in Black in Anatomy. Join our team and help us plan our initiatives. You can also be featured, or request to feature someone you know!
  • How can I support Black in Anatomy as an ally?
    Black in Anatomy welcomes support from our allies. Please refer to the hyperlink below to understand the definition of an ally. The Anti-oppression Network: Allyship Those who may not identify as Black or as having Black heritage or ancestry are welcome to support this mission of Black in Anatomy as a "United" member. Please contact us to learn the different ways that you can get involved.
  • I use anatomy in my field, but I don't consider myself an anatomist. Can I still get involved?"
    Yes! If you use anatomy in your day-to-day, or even just have a passion for anatomy, this group is for you.
  • Ever wonder about our logo?
    Our logo is a head because it is the seat of life - a place for the brain and sensory organs that are critical to survival
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