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Celebrating Dr. W.M. Cobb

Celebrating the life and academic legacy of Dr. W.M. Cobb, the first Black man to earn a PhD in physical anthropology (1932) and the first person to be named Distinguished Professor of Anatomy at Howard University (1969). Throughout his career, Dr. Cobb inspired many through his work, advocacy, and mentorship.

This video was part of a panel discussion, where the ripple effect of Dr. Cobb's legacy in the fields of anthropology, anatomy, and medical illustration was presented and discussed by those directly impacted by it. This event was created by Black in Anatomy for Black in Anatomy Week 2021.

The American Association for Anatomy Webinar Recording

The American Association for Anatomy Morphological Sciences Award named for Dr. W.M. Cobb

"We aim to paint a more comprehensive picture of Dr. Cobb as a man who, from a small boy interested in animals, grew into not only an anatomist, but also a physician, teacher, mentor, writer, and activist for the rights of Black people."

Dr. Cobb loved the arts & used drawing in his teaching. He also influenced the careers of 3 medical illustrators. He mentored Anna Russell Jones & Naida Willette Page at Howard. Naida Page mentored Marsha Jessup.

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